System Fault 20301

I am opening this post to prompt our User Community to post issues here and begin a Community Discussion on the causes and possible fixes or workarounds for the reported Error Message as shown in the image below.


If you have seen or experienced this Error Message, please indicate the steps you took just prior to seeing this message (in other words what procedure, process and/or tool you were using) and let us know if it can be reproduced. We may need to ask for files to test to try to resolve the issue.

Please don’t post any other issues to this discussion thread. Only post comments in relation to the Error Message displayed. If you have experienced another error message we encourage you to use the search function to locate a discussion thread on the FDOT CADD Support Forum/Communities Site related to your specific error message. If one does not exist, please Join Bentley Communities and begin a new discussion thread on the FDOT CADD Support Forum/Communities Site.

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  • I only experienced the crashing in the following file:



    However, I was able to access the file by the following:


    Load Microstation.

    On the Microstation Manager dialog, highlight the XR-15-0134-DDAI-BORDER.dwg file.

    Click the Options button on the Microstation Manager dialog.

    On the DWG Open Options dialog, expand the Basic tree.

    Locate Decimal, Scientific or Fractional Units.

    Click on Design Center Units.

    Select Seed File Master Units from the list.

    Click the Ok button on the DWG Open Options dialog.

    Open the XR-15-0134-DDAI-BORDER.dwg file by clicking the Open button on the Microstation Manager dialog.

    The file should open and you should be able to work in it, however, I don’t think I’ve resolved System Fault: 20301 issue. 


    The error I received is shown at the following Communities post:


    Perhaps they are related. I’m still looking into it and will keep you posted.


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