Cross Section Labeling VBA

I'm working in SS4 and created a proposed model and proposed cross sections. There is a lot of detail modeling to I'm trying the alternative labeling method.  I have added all the feature names to the proposed cross sections. I then opened the Cross section VBA and keep getting the error, "No Cross Section Cell Stored in the Design file." Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • First thing I always try when I get these errors in SS4 is to ClearCrash, then manually clear all resource files here: C:\FDOTSS4\Temp\GPKRSC

    I pretty much have that folder open all day because I have to clear resource files multiples times per day.

    Zachary Billings, P.E.

    Senior Roadway Engineer (Licensed in FL and MI)

    CONSOR Engineers, LLC

    System Info:

    Windows 11 | Intel Core i7-13700k | Nvidia RTX 4090 FE | 32 GB of RAM | 2 TB Western Digital Black SN850x NVME

    ORD Version | FDOT Connect Version

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  • Try the following:


    Close MicroStation.

    Run Clear Crash.

    Delete the GEOPAK resource files ( C:\FDOTSS4\Temp\GPKRSC)

    Navigate to the C:\Users\***Your Username***\AppData\Local\CadManage\ folder and delete it.

    Navigate to the C:\Users\***Your Username***\AppData\Local\Bentley\MicroStation\8.11\ folder and delete it.


    Note: If you are running PowerGEOPAK this will be under the PowerGEOPAK directory.


    Navigate to the C:\Users\***Your Username***\AppData\Local\Temp\ and delete everything you can.


    Note: You won’t be able to delete everything. Once you get the Try Again/Skip dialog toggle on the do this for the remaining files/conflicts check box and chose Skip.


    Navigate to the C:\Users\***Your Username***\AppData\Roaming\Bentley\EngineeringLibraries\.

    Delete the EngineeringLibraries.sqlite and EngineeringLibraries.sqlite01.bak files.

    Delete the *.upf file.  C:\FDOTSS4\Workspace\prefs\FDOTSS4.upf

    Restart MicroStation.


    Let me know if this helps…


  • I tried both methods below and it did not help in the with the current design. However, if I created a new file then merged in the proposed information I was able to use the VBA. Not sure why that worked but it did.