Formula on a trigger line

Can you use a formula to give a trigger line an option for instance if the distance between LT_SW_BACK_TOP_out and Rightof WayLine (Existing) is less the 0.25’ then draw a slope 1:3 from the back of sidewalk to existing Ground?



  • You would put this kind of a formula in a display rule for the component that constructs this feature.
  • You will probably need to set your sidewalk template like this:

    What this template will do:

    The Existing Right of Way Trigger Line is configured to find the RightofWayLine(Existing) Feature Definition.

    There are 2 Normal Fill Slopes that will resolve if their conditions are met unless the Existing Right of Way line is within .25' of the Back of Sidewalk because of the Display Rule Expression NOT EXRowSWKBOffset:

    There is a 1:3 Slope attached to the Back of Sidewalk Point (SW_BACK_TOP_OUT).This component is locked to a 2ft offset inside the EXROW line.

    There is a Display Rule set on the 1:3 Fill Slope named EXRowSWKBOffset.

    The attached video shows the testing of the template:

    Play this video

    Please see the attached ITL for the template:

    Trigger Line Formula.itl