Removing Point Control Takes Forever to Remove

I am trying to remove a Point Control from my corridor. This Point Control is for the PGL of a ramp. I was actually trying to change the point name that it was applied to, but I figured it was easier to just remove it and recreate it. Whether I try to remove, disable, or modify the point control, the same issue keeps occurring. Microstation does not crash, but it is doing something. Intermittently I can see the percentage increase, but I can't sit around for an hour and wait for this to get done. 

I have place my corridor into the Prelim setting to try speed things up, but that doesn't seem to be helping all that much. If there is not solution, I can just set it to run while I got to lunch, but I am wondering if there is some other issue with this particular point control. As far as I can tell, it is a pretty standard PGL point control.