Removing Point Control Takes Forever to Remove

I am trying to remove a Point Control from my corridor. This Point Control is for the PGL of a ramp. I was actually trying to change the point name that it was applied to, but I figured it was easier to just remove it and recreate it. Whether I try to remove, disable, or modify the point control, the same issue keeps occurring. Microstation does not crash, but it is doing something. Intermittently I can see the percentage increase, but I can't sit around for an hour and wait for this to get done. 

I have place my corridor into the Prelim setting to try speed things up, but that doesn't seem to be helping all that much. If there is not solution, I can just set it to run while I got to lunch, but I am wondering if there is some other issue with this particular point control. As far as I can tell, it is a pretty standard PGL point control.


  • I just discovered something interesting. I have never really messed with the Lock / Unlock Rule button before and I still don't understand the full extent of this button, but using that helped. I made it so it was Unlocked, then deleted my Point Control and synchonized my Corridor. That happened instantly. Then I Locked it back up again.

    What exactly did i just do and why did that work?

    Edit: Now trying to reapply the point control using my new correct settings and now that is taking forever. The screen keeps changing slightly like Microstation is doing something, though it looks like its frozen/about to crash.

    I am going to let it run over lunch and see if it completes the process.

    Zachary Billings, P.E.

    Senior Roadway Engineer (Licensed in FL and MI)

    CONSOR Engineers, LLC

    System Info:

    Windows 11 | Intel Core i7-13700k | Nvidia RTX 4090 FE | 32 GB of RAM | 2 TB Western Digital Black SN850x NVME

    ORD Version | FDOT Connect Version

    YouTube Page for ORD:

  • No idea why it is so slow but the lock/unlock tool is designed to be used exactly like you used it, except you could have kept it off and gone ahead with applying the new point control on the corridor before turning it back on. Use it whenever you have several changes to make and you do not have to sit through a re-process after each change.
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