Earthwork Issues - Existing Features Surface Template

I am currently attempting to calculate Earthwork using the InRoads method for a reconstruction job.

TL;DR version:

The existing features templates from my GKLNRD01 file are showing as "Design" instead of "Existing" in the earthwork tool. This is causing issues even though I classify the surface templates as "Unsuitable". See picture for what is happening.

Non TL;DR version:

    • Template Feature = PavementBaseEx
    • Project Explorer > Feature Definition > Corridor Components > PavementBaseEx > Surface Defaults > Volume Options > Existing
    • Running Earthwork Tool...
    • Existing Ground Terrain Clip shows as "Existing", but this is turned off because it's just a clip of the .tin with no depth. It doesn't add any value to EW calcs.
    • Existing Pavement Surface Template applied to the Terrain clips shows as "Design" even though the project explorer settings in GKLNRD are "Existing" (See picture)

Results are that the earthwork is counting all of the existing pavement as cut. The existing pavement above the proposed surface should truly be nothing as it's covered in Clearing & Grubbing. The existing pavement below the proposed surface should be counted as "Fill" because the removal is clearing & grubbing, but obviously fill dirt should replace where the pavement was.

I believe this issue could be resolved if I could get the surface templates to be counted as "Existing" as the settings are. Does anyone know how to remedy this? I have a feeling there is some kind of dgnlib override happening within the cross section file, but I don't pretend to know much about dgnlib files.

Current results (Green = Cut; Blue = Fill)

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  • Thank you for your reply Vern. I just finished watching that webinar. The way his earthwork ran at the end of the video, the existing base to be removed would be quantified as excavation. Is that correct?

    Setting the _ex to "Ignore" ends up counting some of the existing pavement as cut, and ignoring the portions below proposed (see picture). I'm not sure if this is what I would want.

    I thought it should be like this (see picture):

    • Base above proposed - Neither cut, nor fill. Quantified under clearing and grubbing.
    • Base below proposed - Fill. Clearing & grubbing to remove, fill to replace where pavement was.

    I might have to use the old tools to get the earthwork quantified like this if it's how it should be quantified. I found a similar thread here from a few years ago with a similar issue where the Bentley software said there wasn't currently a way to make existing templates show as "existing".