RDTMRD QC Compliance

I am having a hard time getting all my modeling files to be 96% QC or greater.

First off, many levels I would expect to be valid are not passing QC. Lines like PavtAsphalt, SidewalkBack, SidewalkFront, etc. This is a project that originally started in SS2, so my DSGNRD01 is all non-Civil linework. In order to do my modeling, I create Civil linework inside my model file if I need to have my corridor reference that line for something. I have already reached the max 10 exceptions to the dtmrd rule, and I still have other lines that are tripping the QC.

Secondly, I keep getting errors on some elements in Civil Models. Default keeps showing up, which I believe may be attributed to null points I created as switches in my templates that do not have Feature Definitions. It looks like the proper feature definition to use with null points like this is TemplateNullPoint_pm based on all the PPM templates provided in the SS4 workspace.

Obviously this is all quite new and this is the first time I have had to submit modeling files. Its even debatable whether or not I need to submit them as they are not required of us, I just modeled it to help me with the design and plans. 

Any advice would be helpful, thanks

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