Element can not be deleted moved or hide.

The geometry of the design has changed. I have an edge of pavement (Arc) the need to be removed.

It was an element that was reference to the corridor. I try removing any rule. But still I cannot deleted

  • Make sure there is no lock turned on for that element anywhere in the file. I suggest trying to ref attach the file to a new file copy all the desired elements over to the new file leaving the element behind. You may also try in the Active file, select all elements but those, use FF= to create a new file without those elements. See if you now have a file you can work with. There may be some bad data in the file header stopping you from deleting those elements or is finding information to display anyways. Hope this works for you.


  • He didn't explain that this is a corridor modeling issue in the original post but I'm familiar with this project from previous questions. Unfortunately File Fence will not work in this case because the elements were created using the OpenRoads technology in GEOPAK and copying them out like that will dumb down the data.


    Are you having trouble removing the arc from the External References list of the corridor or deleting the actual element from the design file?

    Did you try using the remove Corridor References tool?

  • Yes I did, it turns out that I had 10 Driveways civil cells using that arc it was until I deleted all the cells using project explorer that I was able to to delete the arc.
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