Profile By Slope to Element with Curves and Superelevation

I am having an issue with projecting my CL slope of my Ramp chain onto the inside edge of pavement. I need to do this so I can continue projecting the slope out to the slope break so I can do a bit of detail modeling. I took a screen shot to show what I mean.

I am trying to project the slope within the cyan highlighted area. This is within the superelevation of the ramp. At the top, the cross-slope is 0%, as north of there it is still rotatiing up to meet the proposed roadway. At the bottom is -9.8%. I created reference lines at each of the points and created profiles matching the cross-slopes at each of those points. The two white dots in the profile view represent this points. When I complete the projecting, that is the profile that I get. It seems to be shifted. The profile should begin and end at the two points exactly, but this is not the case. 

Is this due to the curve, the super, or both?