Line styles for 3D Striping?

Similar to the Guardrail linestyle that draws the posts for the guardrail in 3D are there line styles for both 10-30 skip striping as well as even solid yellow and white stripes?  I know it sounds basic but this will help with render capabilities but not sure how you created the line styles for the guardrail posts originally to create these striping's that I am asking for.

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  • So in Sketchup the lines then need to be turned to solids, back to original questions of can we get a linestyle that is 6" wide and like 1" deep to help with graphics in models as once a solid it renders.  This would be identical to the guardrail line style just different dimensions which allow all striping to derive off of this one thing.  I am striking out on making the line style as the process is pretty complex from youtube videos.

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