Crashing - Horizontal Geometry Report

Good afternoon,

I am trying to export some alignments to .xls files using the Horizontal Geometry Report; however, the program is crashing every time I attempt. See screenshot below. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a known fix? Note - these alignments have been imported from the gpk and and drawn using the civil geometry tools.

Thank you, 

  • Nicholas,

    Try these steps:

    1. Close FDOTSS4 and locate the FDOTSS4 folder on your desktop
    2. Launch Workspace Doctor and run the default options.
    3. Restart FDOTSS4 and see if the error persists.

    If this does not resolve the problem, let me know when a convenient time today is for a GoToMeeting to troubleshoot further.


    Matt Sexton
    CADD Applications Support Coordinator
    Florida Department of Transportation
    Engineering/CADD Systems Office