Right side slope tie in jumps to the left even after increasing the priority of the left side slope component.


I am having this issue with my slope tie ins. I am using the FDOT end conditions. Cut & Fill to R/W on the right and Cut & Fill on the left. I first added the Cut & Fill to R/W end condition on the right and it is working as it is supposed to. As soon as I added the Cut & Fill end condition on the left the 1:4 slope tie in, projected to active surface (which comes after the 1:6 slope, until the clear zone) is jumping to the left as shown in the picture. I thought it could be resolved by giving the same priority for both tie in components on either side and it did not work. Then I tired increasing the priority of tie ins on the left side and it still did not work. I am not really sure what the exact problem is. Could anyone please help me with this.

Thank you for you time in advance.