Corridor outline not visible

I received a file with a few corridors and the associated referenced files from another office. I got it all opened and everything looks like its working. I did one modification to the corridor and now the visual lines for the corridor have disappeared. I can still see my template drops and everything else. My construction elements are visible, I can find the corridor in the Project Explorer and I can still make modifications to the corridor and everything behaves as it should. I tried reprocessing the corridor and no luck (1). I know about the Corridor Reattach tool but you need a corridor to click on (2, 3). I make a point about the copied file because I never have this problem with files I create locally even when I made a new corridor in the same file that the lines disappeared in and can still see the outline of my corridor. This is not the first time it has happened as I encounter this on all externally copied files with 3D models.

I realize this has been asked before and I have searched through the following posts and tried all the suggestions.




Is there anyway to get the corridors to show up again?

  • Just to clarify,  are you referring to the elements in the default-3D model? i.e. mesh solid elements and 3D lines?   OR just the corridor boundary element in the default model? 



  • It sounds simple, but have you tried reactivating the main corridor profile and/or terrain?  A corridor association may have been lost.  The keyin "Civil Display Browser" may help repair these links -- Click "repair relationships".  If this doesn't work in the current version of the file, try reopening the files you were sent before changes and run the tool.

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  • The boundary element in the default model. All other views and models appear correctly.

  • I reactivated the terrain and profile, no luck. I got this error when I did the repair relationships even on the original.

  • Here is what I have in my notes that ended up resolving the issue:

    • Corridor Not Processing
      • Background
        • When creating a corridor, it must be created along a Complex Element that has an Active Profile.
        • Many times, there isn't actual a proposed profile required on the CL of the roadway, such as:
          • Milling and resurfacing jobs where you need to show outside EOP profiles projected back to the CL,
          • Proposed divided roadways where the PGL elevations are projected back to the CL.
        • In this cases, those profiles do not need to be activated because there would be more than one.
        • In these instances, just set the Existing Ground as the active profile so you know you will have an active profile for the entire length of the CL.
      • Issues
        • No Active Profile on Corridor Alignment
          • Sometimes, when working on these profiles, you can accidentally set the Active Profile to one of the proposed profiles.
          • In my case, this is what I did, then I deactivated that proposed profile, but never reactivated the Existing Ground.
          • So now there was no Active Profile at all.
          • This will cause the corridor to not process until an Active Profile has been assigned to the Complex Element the corridor is based upon.
        • Red Reference Files
          • When creating the corridor, it may have been created by ruling one of the limits of the template drop to a particular line in a reference file.
          • If this file or model is removed or renamed, the reference will appear red because Microstation cannot find the file any longer.
            • This also means it cannot access the rule that was created.
          • Fix the reference by double clicking and either selecting the appropriate model or hit Browse and select the new renamed file.
          • Once this is done, the corridor should be able to process.

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