Corridor outline not visible

I received a file with a few corridors and the associated referenced files from another office. I got it all opened and everything looks like its working. I did one modification to the corridor and now the visual lines for the corridor have disappeared. I can still see my template drops and everything else. My construction elements are visible, I can find the corridor in the Project Explorer and I can still make modifications to the corridor and everything behaves as it should. I tried reprocessing the corridor and no luck (1). I know about the Corridor Reattach tool but you need a corridor to click on (2, 3). I make a point about the copied file because I never have this problem with files I create locally even when I made a new corridor in the same file that the lines disappeared in and can still see the outline of my corridor. This is not the first time it has happened as I encounter this on all externally copied files with 3D models.

I realize this has been asked before and I have searched through the following posts and tried all the suggestions.




Is there anyway to get the corridors to show up again?

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