OpenRoads Designer Corridor Modeling duplicate components cant delete

I'm experiencing a problem in open roads designer in which my corridor is drawing duplicate components. It seems to occur whenever a change in the profile is made. A new component is drawn but the old one remains still in place. See below.

The component is drawn in 3D as well and I can change the feature definition of it but cannot delete it. It is not a template issue as far as I'm concerned. Has any one else ran into this issue?

  • I haven't run into this particular issue, but have you had a look at your Project Explorer to see if there is a duplicate corridor hanging around in there? There could also be duplicate elements shown in there under the Corridor's Components hierarchy tree. 

    Perhaps making a backup of the file and attempting to compress will address the issue. 

    There are a few other troubleshooting key-ins you could give a try like "corridor reattach" and "civil display browser". 

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  • Last time something similar to this happened I also had to run the keyin "Civil Display Browser" as @eddiegiese mentioned... I believe the tools in the top bar of the dialog "Repair Objects via Tree" and "Repair Relationships" corrected some of these issues.  I've also noticed the use of point and component "Use Name Override:" names seems to duplicate components from two transitioning templates or components to another. 

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