Any surveyors in the FDOT Forum here? Two concern/question topics:

 I'm looking to understand the need for the SURVRD file to have B-Splines.  Does the ORD field book process automatically create these?  It appears this has been a well know problematic feature of Microstation for decades.  For years, across states, B-splines have  caused more work for others in the life of a project.   Another concern is terrains in the SURVRD file rather than a GDTMRD.  Having everything in one file makes the primary file referenced to all design work larger than it needs to be.  Thanks in advance for the feedback!  Edit:  There is the ability to use the B-spline "facet a curve" tool to break them down into curves or linestrings.

  • Shawn,

    Not a surveyor (so I don't have an answer), but I share your frustration. We see the issue with the b-spline curves most often while generating the existing features models. As you noted, we are forced to either approximate the curve with an arc, or use the facet tool. 

    In Connect, FDOT is still supporting the GDTMRD file as a valid filename. I have been making a separate GDTMRD file on my projects, backing up the SURVRD, and removing the terrain model from the SURVRD for precisely the reason you highlighted. This also helps with modeling efforts, I have noticed. Any little performance gains go a long way. 

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  • Thanks !  Just ran across another this week in ORD.  Fortunately for this project, areas where it matters are few and use a constant sawcut offset from BL.  I know it's tough bridging the gap between the surveyor mind and engineer.  I've had the opportunity to work for both and understand how this can become an issue on both sides.

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