Horizontal Feature Constraint Range

I understand what a Horizontal Feature Constraint (HFC) does and what the Range does. For example, let's say I have a BSW template point with a HFC looking for BSW. The template point is at 20' Rt. in my template and I have applied a range of 10. That means the point will look for an external reference matching that feature anywhere from 20' to 30' Rt. of the corridor baseline. 

I just started doing a review where the Range of this HFC was set to ZERO. I assumed they were just using a horizontal point control for the BSW, but the point control is only vertical. Somehow, the HFC was still working even with a range of zero.

Does a Range set to zero do something I am not aware of? My guess is it just means search out infinitely to the right only.

Does anyone know? I can't seem to find an answer with a quick search.