Tentative Snap stops working

When I first open Geopak drainage, I am able to tentative snap to a point where I would like to place a note. For example, I need to adjust an inlet top, so I am snapping a new manhole top to the center of the existing one. 

This works fine for a few nodes, then all of a sudden, I can no longer maintain the snap. I tentative snap to the center, it appears to take it, but then loses the snap, and goes back to my cursor position.

Is there anything I can do to stop this? It takes a long time to open and close my Drainage project every time. We even moved our drainage project, gpk, and preferences to a local server to try and speed things up. All of our project files are on a remote server.


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  • I think I fixed it. Is there any reason a network issue would be causing those things to happen?

    We have been having network issues at our office for a while now. I think every now and then our modem just has enough and needs to be rebooted. I got fed up and decided to see if that would fix my issue yesterday and it worked. I was also having problems with the undo command in regular Microstation taking 10 secs or more complete. That was solved after the reboot as well.

    Looks like it is more of an internal office issue

    Thanks for your help.

    Zachary Billings, P.E.

    Senior Roadway Engineer (Licensed in FL and MI)

    CONSOR Engineers, LLC

    System Info:

    Windows 11 | Intel Core i7-13700k | Nvidia RTX 4090 FE | 32 GB of RAM | 2 TB Western Digital Black SN850x NVME

    ORD Version | FDOT Connect Version

    YouTube Page for ORD: https://tinyurl.com/BillingsCADD

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