SUDA crashes Microstation when selecting and Inlet

I was testing the SUDA stuff before it was officially released in the SS4 MR1 update. I have several sidewalk projects where I created a few structures and pipe runs. Everything was working fine when I built the drainage model, but now after MR1, when I try to select any node, Microstation gives me an error and crashes to desktop. This is making it difficult to update my drainage system. I am hoping I dont have to rebuild this, but that is kind of looking like what is going to happen.

Is there some issue with using a drainage system built with the beta SUDA after the update?


  • The cells were changed to be placed on a different level because of an issue that we were getting with everything coming in on the default level. That may be the problem but I am not sure. If you want you can email me your files and I can try it on my machine. My email is If the files are too big let me know and I will send you a link to send them through our file transfer system.