Network not shown in storm tab VBA (SS4)

Just wondering if there is a fix. When loading the GDF, users aren't able to select their network selection pulldown within the Generate Stormtab VBA.

  • It sounds like you might have both FDOTSS2 and FDOTSS4 installed on your machine.  Generally this is just fine, but it can cause problems occasionally.

    Try opening Windows Explorer and go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\PowerGEOPAK (Select Series 4)\PowerGEOPAK\Civil\ (or the corresponding similar path if you're running Microstation and GEOPAK).  Locate GEOPAKCOM.EXE, right click and select "Run As Administrator..."

    Re-launch FDOTSS4 and run the Stormtab VBA to see if it fixes the issue.


    Matt Sexton
    CADD Applications Support Coordinator
    Florida Department of Transportation
    Engineering/CADD Systems Office