Drainage VBA error when running Draing VBA->Drainage Tabulation - Update 1.09

I receiving the attached error when running the Drainage Tabulation tool from the menu bar.  I have a drainage project open and the GEOPAK gpk path as well as working directory path are pointed to the drainage folder.  The GPK and GDF files are in the drainage folder.  The GDF file opens fine and the network can be analyzed OK.

Using PowerGEOPAK and FDOT SS4 MR9.


Sean Keene

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  • UPDATE: 

    I’ve identified this issue we’re having with the Drainage Tabulation VBA.  Our lead drainage expert has several GDF files for a particular project.  They are careful to keep only one GDF in the Drainage directory at a given time.  Essentially, the VBA error boils down to the single Spread Tab Settings File (*.SPS) the VBA attempts to use for any loaded GDF files.  If the VBA sees a different GDF in its settings file than what is the “active network” it crashes Geopak Drainage.  When loading the desired GDF into the VBA dialog its “Report Network” dropdown would throw the VBA error.  Once a new SPS file is created (save-as with the path to the correct GDF), we can close and relaunch the VBA and the Report Network dropdown works without error.  This appears to be required (load-reload for all new GDF files).  Weird behavior, but this VBA may need adjustment for any projects attempting to use more than one GDF for different areas of the project.  

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