Geopak SS4 - Drainage structures on cross sections issue

I am trying to place proposed Geopak Drainage data on to existing cross sections and on certain sections it will work (but the text is very large) and certain sections it will not.  Data that I have - Geopak tin file, Geopak gdf file, Geopak pattern lines generated from the FDOT tool Drainage Pattern Lines in the Drainage file, existing cross sections, stub out report, and gpk file.

I have gone thru the process of isolating the sections that do not work and tried to process them individually.  On the sections that do not work I am not prompted for the stub out report, on the ones that do work I am prompted for the stub out report.

Any suggestions?



Window 10 1909 Build

Office 365



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  • One of the changes was to the label_structure.x file in multiple locations (line numbers on the left).  FDOT changed the scale by a factor of 10 such as the 40:10 is now 4:1. I also made changes to the bar_wall_inlet.x, bottom.x, declarations.x, drawstublabels.x, levelsym.x & pipe.x files.

    84. /* "~Move" dx = _d_hor_scale*0.1375 dy = 0 original code */
    86. "~Move" dx = _d_hor_scale*0.1375*10 dy = 0 /* modified KBK 2015-08-19 */