Stub Out Report Prompt Not showing

Attempting to run proposed sections, after selecting Run and Apply, the prompt for the stub out report does not appear and everything locks up.  I tried on two other pcs and the prompt for the stub out report still doesn't show. Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong with it? Thanks.

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  • I just went through something like this. What ended up being the problem for me was something wrong with my first pattern line. Perhaps the drainage structure there had something wrong with it in the gdf? Anyway, after I had already created all of my cross section cells with existing ground from my pattern lines, I then deleted that first pattern line before I attempted to run the Drainage Structures in. Once I did that, the stub report prompt came up and everything ran in just fine. I have yet to figure out why that first section doesnt work, but we are just going to draw it by hand for the time being.

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