Crashing when editing properties of drainage structures

Currently working on ORD release 2 on version 10.10. Whenever I go to view or edit the properties of any drainage structure in our drainage project files, I receive the following error message shown in the screenshot. Has anybody found a workaround for this issue?

  • One best practice mentioned by Bentley is to ALWAYS start with a clean seed file.  Do not copy or start a drainage project dgn with another drainage file.  Allow the workflow and drainage (node,etc) placement tools to "change" the file to a drainage file.  Open the Explorer “Drainage and Utilities” tab and notice the categories populate when this happens.  If memory serves, the file should not start with those subfolders.  This tells me that it can be possible to have issues when removing drainage information and redrawing at a later time.  With this, it may be best to do drainage in dgn chunks to remove the chance of redoing too much. Obviously some limitations to this (e.g. can’t stop in the middle of a conduit run, etc).   

    ORD 2021 R1 (10.10), 2022 R1 (, 2022 R3 ( | MS 10.16

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