Geopak Drainage Crashes

Recently (and I suppose always), I have been having issues with geopak drainage crashing. Today for instance, I opened up Microstation fresh, opened Geopak drainage and loaded my drainage project and preferences (all pointing at the correct locations). I try to place one curb inlet and Microstation crashes.

Most of my crashes have taken place when I am trying to multi-task within Microstation. I might open an existing or proposed tin in order to verify the elevation of an inlet and microstation crashes.

Is there anything I should be doing to maintain the best stability with this program? Should the drainage project and preferences be located anywhere specific in the directory?

Any help would be great because it seems like I am always having issues with Geopak Drainage. It takes a while to start back up every time, so reducing my crashes would save me a lot of time.


  • zbillin30

    I have to ask some basic troubleshooting questions first. What versions of MicroStation and GEOPAK are you currently running? What version of the FDOT software suite are you using? These two questions are very inportant in finding what might be causing your issue.

  • I added my system info to my bio for future reference, but here it is as well:

    System Info:

    Windows 7 64bit

    Microstation V8i Select Series 2 Version

    Geopak Suite

    FDOT 2010 Version 2010.01.00 (MR1)

    I discovered that my issue may have been with Geopak drainage not reading my shape file properly. I unattached the shape file and everything has been fine since.

    My issues mostly arise when I am trying to multitask. For example, trying to modify ditch profiles and the gpk using VPI Based Vertical Alignment Tools while also having drainage open modifying elements.

    Its just always been a very finicky program, so I have changed my habits with it accordingly.


    Zachary Billings, P.E.

    Senior Roadway Engineer (Licensed in FL and MI)

    CONSOR Engineers, LLC

    System Info:

    Windows 11 | Intel Core i7-13700k | Nvidia RTX 4090 FE | 32 GB of RAM | 2 TB Western Digital Black SN850x NVME

    ORD Version | FDOT Connect Version

    YouTube Page for ORD:

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  • Thank you for getting that information to me. If you have problems in the future it will make it much less easier to troubleshoot and verify duplication of the issue on our end. I am glad to hear that you were able to find what seems to have been causing your problems with GEOPAK Drainage crashing. If you have any other questions or concerns with the drainage portion of the FDOT software suite please let me know and I will try to help.

  • I'm having the same issue with geopak drainage crashing- especially while multitasking. Usually I can get back into the project, but just yesterday I got the error message "Error Opening Drainage Project". Anyone know of a way to recover my project? (At that point, I'll unattached the shape file and try to multitask less)
  • The directory path for the location of the drainage project may not be properly defined in the Drainage project preferences. Check the drainage preferences to confirm the path is defined correctly.

    Also, you may need to delete your GEOPAK RSC files.