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Is there ANY way to disregard the print order in Sheet Navigator when creating a print set? I have cross sections in my traffic control plans that are creating a mess of my print set. As well as typicals before each phase that I now have to move around by hand. I'm talking about a plan set with more than 800 pages. Before all I had to do was drag and drop my summary sheets to right after the typicals and be done but now it seems that the print order is creating a bigger mess. If I went through the trouble of numbering my sheets in Sheet Navigator I would like them to come out in that same order when I generate the print set. Again, is there any way to turn this off? This is really frustrating.

  • There is currently no way to disable that functionality. The order is based on the file name and then the sheet numbers inside the file so you may be able to address this issue be renaming a few files. The order files are defined in the sheetinfo.xml file. Below I have provided the lines from the sheetinfo.xml that define the order for the Roadway component..

        <Rule type="FileName" value="keysRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="1" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="signRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="2" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="cessRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="3" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="drmpRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="4" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="typsRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="5" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="typdRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="6" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="sumqRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="7" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="bxclRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="8" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="clvgeo*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="9" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="sumdRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="10" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="dromRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="11" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="curcrd*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="12" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="csinrd*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="13" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="playRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="14" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="gnntRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="15" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="planRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="16" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="plprRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="17" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="profRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="18" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="intpRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="19" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="bkswRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="20" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="intdRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="21" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="drstRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="22" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="ldprRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="23" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="ldxsRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="24" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="pdplRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="25" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="pdgeo*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="26" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="pdxsRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="27" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="spdtRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="28" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="slanRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="29" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="slsrRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="30" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="slbrRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="31" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="rdxsRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="32" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="swppRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="33" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="tctyRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="34" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="tcdsRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="35" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="tcgnRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="36" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="tcplRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="37" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="tcdtRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="38" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="utadRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="39" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="utcpRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="40" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="scgrRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="41" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="mitgRD*.DGN" component_id="1" dgn_order="42" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="mtgeo*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="43" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="wetlRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="44" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="brhyRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="45" />

         <Rule type="FileName" value="drflRD*.dgn" component_id="1" dgn_order="46" />

  • This doesn't really help me for my TCP plans. Its currently 325 sheets. There are typicals and plans for each phase so Sheet Navigator groups them all together and we have them separated by phase. And then there's no file name for traffic control sections so we used rdxs. Even with the sheets numbered in sequential order it makes a mess out of these plans. If i rename a file to something that it isn't just to put it in this order I run the risk of losing my compliance because it is no longer made for the rule file it should be. I feel like the old way was a lot easier. All we had to do was move the summary of quantity sheets.

  • The sequencing shouldn't be changing your sheet numbering in the indexer. What I do is just click the sheet number column at the top so it orders the index by sheet number and not by sequence. Then u will be able to see everything is in order. As far as creating a print set for print organizer, I usually just create that manually and then add to it when we have new sheets. I don't like the way sheet navigator create the print set, so I just make my own. I've also had problems printing sheet navigator created print sets.

    As for your tcp sheet numbering, what we did on a recent submittal was give the top sheets their own prefix and removed them from the general sheet numbering. So the first tcp sheet would be TCP-1. Then u have your section of tcp prefix sheets that u can place where ever they need to go. Similar with the summary of quantities. We did this because a subconsultant is doing our traffic control, so it was easier for them to have their own individual sheet numbering. You may want to check with your project manager before doing this this, but as long as the tcp sheets are in the correct location in the plan set, there should be no problem.

    Good luck

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  • If you send me a few of your sheets, maybe one of each type, I could try to come up with a work around for you.

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