Print organizer dialog disappears

Is anyone having or had the problem of the print organizer dialog box disappearing and not being able to get it back?

Under the windows pull down, it says it is open but will not appear. it is not hiding under anything and getting out of the file or rebooting has not worked.

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  • The settings to the dialog location seemed to be corrupted. To resolve this issue we did the following:

    1.Right-click on the MicroStation shortcut icon and choose Properties

    2.Go to the Shortcut tab

    3.Place -restoredefaults after the current line in the Target field (...\ustation.exe" -restoredefaults) (note the space between the end quotes and -restoredefaults).

    We also deleted all files that started with FDOT from the c:\FDOTSS2\workspace\prefs directory.

    After restarting MicroStation and launching Print Organizer an initial  PLTCFG file must be selected and Print Organizer opens correctly.

    Answer Verified By: Jimmie Prow 

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