Raster Images Not Plotting with Print Organizer in SS3

Since we switched to SS3, none of my rasters plot when using Print Organizer.  I use the exaxt same plot and pen files in the Microstation plot dialog and have no problems.  Print Organizer, no raster plots.

Is there a setting I'm not aware of in Print Organizer that needs to be changed?

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  • I have to post this to verify this has been answered and resolved.

    Your Raster Elements are Construction Class:


    1. Open the aerial01.dgn file.

    2. Navigate to Edit > Select By Attributes.

    3. On the Select By Attributes dialog, Select Tools > Set Select By From Element.

    4. Select a Raster Element.

    5. Click the Execute button on the Select By Attributes dialog.

    6. On the Main tool palette, select the Change Element Attributes tool.

    7. On the Change Attributes dialog, toggle off all the checks boxes.

    8. Toggle on Class and set to Primary.

    9. This should resolve the Construction display in Print Organizer.