Raster Images Not Plotting with Print Organizer in SS3

Since we switched to SS3, none of my rasters plot when using Print Organizer.  I use the exaxt same plot and pen files in the Microstation plot dialog and have no problems.  Print Organizer, no raster plots.

Is there a setting I'm not aware of in Print Organizer that needs to be changed?

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  • You can also do the following if Raster images are not showing/plotting in Print Organizer:

    1. Detach your Aerial/Rasters from your Aerial.dgn file (your aerial/raster image file may be named differently).
    2. Create a new file for your Aerials/Raster images.
    3. Attach your Raster References to your newly created Aerials.dgn file.
    4. Run the FDOT Menubar > Design Apps > Custom Linestyles > Clear Embedded Linestyles on the newly created Aerials.dgn file.
    5. Attach newly created Aerials.dgn file to you MOTIFF or Design file.
    6. Setup a PSET or open your existing PSET in Print Organizer.
    7. Preview your Plan Sheets.


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