FDOT Location Sketch/Map

For every FDOT project we Survey we need to put together a simple Location Sketch showing the major roads (Example attached as Lake1.pdf), sections, Begin and End of Project. We plot these to a sticker and place them inside our field books. We also insert the image into our Surveyors Reports. These have taken several hours to put together due to the difficulty of getting the plot to PDF to look decent. Usually the line weights, fill areas and masking are a problem. We have resorted back to using older versions of the County DGN files because they were not as complicated. I am trying to come up with a work flow and template file that we could just reference in the new County DGN or the new PDF map of the County.


I am sure there are some plot settings that I don’t right that would make things look better. The biggest issue now is that the State and County road numbers should have a mask of some kind to block out the lines behind. I have tried using the FDOT_Keysheet.tbl but it gives me an “ Error opening print file ‘lpt3’ “. I really don’t care if its in color or monochrome as long as it is legible. In color some of the road numbers are yellow and don't show well.


Any help you could provide would be appreciated.


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