Saved Views and Print Organizer

I have been trying to get this print set printed out and keep having an issue. I have two saved views I created to help me while creating some shading and shapes for these environmental sheets. The first saved view is called Print_Ready, which has everything on and ready to print. The other saved view is Shapes. It turns most of the references and levels off so that I can draw shapes and hatching easily.


When I am ready to print, I activate the Print_Ready Saved View. I can look at my Sheet models and everything looks alright. When I go print using my pset in Print Organizer, my sheets print only what was on in the Shapes Saved View.


I save settings when I active Print_Ready and can see that my sheet models are accurately reflecting what I want to print. It just seems like something is not working when it prints. Its almost like its stuck on the last settings I manually applied. For example, when I started creating the Saved Views, I created the Print_Ready first because I already had everything ready to go. Then I had to manually turn off references and levels to get to the Shapes settings I wanted for that Saved View. I can almost guarantee that if I apply Shapes, and then manually turn everything back on, it will start printing just fine. But that kind of defeats the purpose of creating the two Saved Views in the first place.


Is this a bug, or is there something I am missing here?



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