Print Organizer Not Plotting Custom Line Styles

Recently, a defect was discovered in which custom linestyles are printing as solid lines in Print Organizer. This appears to have started occurring in the 10.11 schema of OpenRoads Designer. To resolve this issue, FDOT has added additional command parameters to our workspace in a number of our configuration files.

For a workspace installation, place the attached files in C:\FDOTConnect10.11\Organization-Civil\ and replace the existing files.

For a client/server installation, place these files on your FDOTConnect10.11 server under \\FDOTConnect10.11\Organization-Civil\ and replace the existing files.

Restart FDOTConnect10.11 and the issue should be resolved.FDOT_Roadway.cfgFDOT_PS_Standards.cfgFDOT_MicroStation.cfgFDOT_Bridge.cfg

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