Print Organizer Error - Exception encountered inside [WorkerMicroStationProxy.PrePrintDefinition]

Good morning,

I have two separate projects now where I will receive this error which abruptly ends the print process:

Exception encountered inside [WorkerMicroStationProxy.PrePrintDefinition]

The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state.

When plotting the entire set, it will fail in the Temporary Traffic Control sheets; however, I can print just the TTCP sheets and they print fine. The same exact behavior has been witnessed on both projects now. The work around is plotting half of the set at once and combining after the fact. Here is some additional software information that may help:

ORD CE 2022 Release 1

FDOT Connect

ProjectWise Explorer Connect Edition

I am wondering if this is more of a server issue than a software specific problem I only managed to find one other post with this error from 2018 with no real solution. 


  • I exported everything locally from ProjectWise to my C:\ and replotted with local pathing only to receive the same issue. It seems ProjectWise can be ruled out. 
  • Loading the .pset from FDOT Connect 10.10 allows for plotting the entire set without error. This appears to be an issue with ORD 10.11. 
  • Interesting. I don't understand why something as simple as printing needs to be so difficult for the program to achieve. We have had a multitude of issues with printing large sets (particularly those with cross sections or drainage structure sections) and we've had to break them up as well, printing half a set at once. This was occurring in 10.10 for us. 

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  • Eddie, sorry to hear you also have been having issues but that does make me feel a little better that it's not just us or our server setup. I imagine it has something to do with the base program. The sets I've had issues with aren't even large. I have not had any issues in 10.10 (even with larger sets), but 10.11 seems to be having problems even on small sets. Both sets are currently under 100 sheets and it's giving that error. Please keep me posted if you happen to figure out a good work around. For now, we're using 10.10 just to PDF the projects giving issues in 10.11.