Troubleshooting FDOT2012's Sheet Set Organizer

I apologize if I am repeating a question that has been asked in an earlier post. I’ve searched the community and read the publications on FDOT’s website and haven’t found anything that applies to my question.

First off I am using FDOT2012 CAD package

Until recently I’ve been printing a set of individual PDF plans through CAD using the project’s sheet set to print each sheet individually and later renaming the files properly for our submittals (which can be labor intensive). I’ve recently learned that the sheetset organizer can be used to plot the entire set of plans and properly name the files accordingly by loading the project sheet set then selecting “plot” from the top menu and “all sheets.”

After doing so, I find only one or two PDFs that have been printed in the FPID#/landscp/eng_data directory. Usually always the keysheet and one or two random sheets from various CAD drawings.

I troubleshooted and selected each sheet displayed individually and printed, which worked fine and the File Path turns the appropriate green for all of the sheets.

To summarize my problem, I am unable print all of the sheets at once using the sheet set organizer.


Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Laura