PlotBorder_dp Warning in Print Organizer

I have been receiving this warning from Print Organizer for quite some time.  The warning message is " 'Plotborder_dp' is not a valid level for file '...' and occurs with each file added to the print set. I have to hit ok in order for the program to add the file and move on to the next drawing. This is a pain when dealing with multiple files. Is there a way to stop this or deactivate the warning?

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  • That was a known issue with that version of MicroStation. There was a Priority Build (version number to address this issue, as described in the FDOT2010 installation guide.

    NOTE: The MicroStation Priority Build is a patch that must be installed after the

    installation of MicroStation V8i (Select Series 2)

    The MicroStation Priority Build can be downloaded from:


    Try installing the above patch and let me know if the problem continues.


    Answer Verified By: E Gray 

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