Changing the scale on the cross sections in ORD to be 20 horz and 5 vert?

How do you change the scale on the cross sections in ORD to be 20 horz and 5 vert?  I changed the vertical exageration to 4 instead of 2 the section exagerated but the grid remained being the majors every 10' instead of 5' and the scale still shows 10' vertical when I know its now 5' vert, See below for output. 

  • Hey Chad, You need to go into your fdot group of standard dgnlibs and make a copy of the 40 scale Annotation Group and associated entries under the OpenRoads Standards tab of the Explorer dialog.  Adjust vert and horz scale accordingly.  You'll also want to have a text fav made similar to the version used by FDOT's 40 scale profile grid "titles".  I think they only use one of the two "title" entries to place both vert and hoz scale labels as in the case of 40 scale profile sheets.  The photo you've upload appears to be incorrect (grid).  Those major lines should be equal, as they indicate 1" of paper space. When you adjust the annotation group correctly, your 20' hoz and 10' should be the same proportions. 

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