Summary of Litter Removal and Mowing

I am currently using FDOT SS2 for the summary of quantity sheets. I finished making the Litter Removal and Mowing shapes in the quantity file. The shapes have been stored in the quantity manager.

The FDOT Linked Data Manager typically allows for automatic generation of summary sheets; however, the Litter Removal and Mowing sheet is not automated (to my knowledge). I am currently using the sheet under "Create New From Template" > Computation Summary Boxes > Summary of Litter Removal and Mowing. To populate this spreadsheet, I am using the quantity manager to generate reports from stored quantities.

My issue is that the Area ID does not show up in any of the reports I generate. I would like to avoid manually inputting the area ID. Does anyone know how to either generate a report with area ID included OR any other automated process?

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  • The Area ID can be pulled out with the report from Quantity Manager.  If it's not, the GEOPAK style sheet needs to be updated with the one we provide in the FDOTSS2 software.

    Copy the CSV style sheets from:


    Overwrite the file located in the GEOPAK directory:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\Geopak\V8.11\Classes\samples\standards\reports\

    The GEOPAK directory path may be a little different on your machine, depending on how it was installed.  The GEOPAK directory may be under the MicroStation directory structure.

    Once the files have been overwritten, you can go back into Quantity Manager and run the report for the area csv with the Area ID's included.

    If you need help, give the ECSO office a call.

    Answer Verified By: Nicholas Ruiz