Existing Features Criteria - Include exfeat_define.x Error

Prior to the release of our MR4, there was some extensive work done to the Existing Features Criteria.  Though testing did not show this error the MR4 was released with a typo which will cause the Existing Feaures Criteria to give the designer the following error:

The problem is that there is a missing '*/' in a comment in the Existing Features Criteria exposed_redefinable_variable_english.x file:

The file attached to this post corrects this problem.  Please download the file and follow the directions below:

  1. Unzip the contents of the the zip file to the \\FDOT2010\geopak\typicals\2010\Existing Features\ location.
  2. Overwrite the exposed_redefinable_variable_english.x file in the specified folder.

The designer will either have to setup another criteria run or reapply the Side Slope which will copy the Existing Features Criteria files to their project directory.  The designer will then have to complete the following for their Cross Section/Criteria Run to work:

  1. Open the Cross Section Criteria run in GEOPAK Project Manager.
  2. Navigate to the Shape Cluster Category.


       3.  Delete the LT Side Slope.  Click yes to delete the Side Slope.

       4.  Load the Typical Section Generator by highlighting the selected chain and clicking the Typical button.

       5.  Select the Existing_Features cell. (Modify the dialog as needed).


       6.  Click the Apply Button.

       7.  Setup the rest of the run as required for your run (Define DGN Variables, Define Variables, Redefinable Variables, etc...).

       8.  Navigate to File > Save Settings on the Proposed Cross Sections dialog.


       9.  Navigate to File > Run to run the Criteria to produce the Existing Features Cross Sections.


  • Note:  If you are using an input file to run your cross sections you could edit the input file to correct the missing '*/'.