Under Review

Adjust Features - Sidewalk, Sawcut & Construction Limits

I'd like to get sidewalks, sawcut lines and construction limits generated by my corridor to show up in my plan view.

It appears that the "Create Template Geometry" feature in the Modeling/3D Linear Features/Sidewalk for both the SW_BACK_TOP and SW_FRONT_TOP are set to "False", as is that for /Misc/MD_P_SAWCUT. Can these be switched to "True" so these will show up?


Also, I'm wondering if the sidewalk lines need to be considered as break lines in the "Terrain Model Feature Type" instead of "None".


Finally, can you please create a 3D linear feature for the construction limits?


If any of these are unnecessary and can be seen in regular ODOT-required symbology without having to modify the template or messing with the level overrides, please let me know. I could just be missing something, as there are a number of ways to do just about everything in OpenRoads.