These are trying times. We recognize that COVID-19 is likely imposing challenges on how you and your organization get work done during periods of mass remote working and social distancing. Bentley's mission is to provide innovative software and services for the enterprises and professionals who design, build and operate the world's infrastructure - sustaining the global economy and environment for improved quality of life. Our mission statement does not say anything about only being able to work from an office. We want you to know that we are here to help make working at home as successful as can be.

First of all, please take heart in knowing that Bentley software is very well geared for working in a globally dispersed environment with many different offices (even home-based ones). We provide many ways for you to collaborate, check things in and out, and get work done in a variety of situations.

Secondly, we want you to know that Bentley itself is prepared for a situation such as COVID-19 and has all of our service and support teams working ‘business-as-usual’. Our systems and tools enable our entire workforce to work remotely if they choose to, and we can manage and maintain our hosted environments remotely as well. You remain our focus and our priority. In fact, we view making sure your infrastructure engineering work can be done from home with uninterrupted access to our software as our contribution to the world during this complex situation.

The Bentley team is working hard to provide useful information and resources to help you meet the current challenges successfully. We will update the site with new information as necessary, so please revisit frequently.

How do I access my Bentley licenses at home?

While at home, if you need to activate your Bentley software or if you have limited internet access, the following resources can help:

Important notice about use of Bentley applications in virtual environments - click here

How do I download and install my Bentley software at home?

If you have a need to install your Bentley software while at home, the following resources can help. 

How can I quickly access Bentley resources?

The CONNECT Center enables you to quickly access resources such as your Site Administrators, Connected Projects, relevant events and support services

Where can I get product-specific information?

How can I learn Bentley applications?

Here’s a quick video tutorial that explains the many ways to learn: Learn the Many Ways to Learn

How can I get help?

If you have a question about using Bentley software at home, or if you need further technical assistance, Bentley is here to help!

How can I use a Smart TV as a second monitor?

Courtesy of our CIO, Claire Rutkowski:

Many of you are used to using MicroStation and our many other applications on a larger monitor, and may now find yourself trying to work on a much smaller laptop screen.  Did you know that if you have a Smart TV, you can use it as a second monitor?  While it may be as simple as connecting with an HDMI cable, there are also many other ways to do this, and the method you use may depend on your TV, your computer, your operating system and browser, so rather than trying to cover every scenario here, listed below are several links to third-party advice covering a wide variety of methods:

Please note that depending on your settings and those of your TV, the resolution of the image may not be ideal, and there may be some lag between your keyboard and the response on the screen, but this might be worth trying for those of you who were perhaps given a small laptop to take home and work with and are used to a large monitor.

Any other tips for working from home?