• The New-and-improved Be Communities

    Here are just some of the things that are included with the new-and-improved Be Communities:


    There is now more prominence and improvements to the site's search. The search field is located closer to “the action” on the home page as well on the pages within each community. During the site update, the entire database was indexed, providing better search results than before. Search scope (i.e. the current application…

    • Sun, Dec 15 2013
  • Viewing an image at original size when inserting in a post or article

    When you insert an image that is larger than the width of the widget you are in inserting the image into (in pixels in the x direction), the image will either get "resized" to the pixel width of the widget or the image will get "cut off" on the right side. To avoid this when inserting an image in a wiki article, forum post, or blog article, you need to do a few things to make sure it can be viewed at its original size…

    • Wed, Dec 4 2013