• Communities Upgrade: RSS Feeds

    In the current communities platform, you can get information delivered to you about a topic (or topics) or from a community or application within a community (e.g. forum, blog, wiki, calendar, etc.) You can even get information based on a search string -- all this can be done through something called RSS. RSS feeds are available for every forum, topic, blog, and wiki. Subscribing to them allows you to get up to the minute…
  • Communities Upgrade: SyntaxHighlighter

    Another thing introduced in the recent Communities upgrade is the inclusion of a "syntax highlighter"

    Programmers and developers should find useful when providing or including code in a Communities forum post or blog or wiki article. To take advantage of this, simply follow these steps:

    1. In your post or article, enter what you want to write about
    2. Place your cursor where you want to insert code
    3. Click the "Insert…
  • Communities Upgrade: Additional Email Notifications

    If you are getting a good number of notifications through email relating to activity in Communities forums (e.g. forum threads started, forum reply posts, etc.) that you had not been receiving before, this could be due to some services that existed previously but only "became alive" during the upgrade of the site. There is an email notification setting for each Communities forum that can be enabled or disabled. You can…