Communities Platform Upgrade

We recently mentioned that an upgrade to our Communities site is coming. A sneak peek at the next release is below:
Our biggest effort is to provide “new and improved” for the user experience. Although we are starting simple, there are a number of things will be introduced on the platform and as "programs" to help make Communities an awesome experience. Some of the Communities "programs" we are working on include:
  • Change Management
  • Messaging and Communications
  • “Virtual Office Hours”
  • Single sign-on enhancements
  • Access to product
    • Downloads
    • Documentation
    • Training/LEARNservices
  • Personalized communities for organizations, projects, etc.
  • Gamification/badging
  • Reputation/leaderboards
  • Ideation
  • Localization of content
  • Integration with products
  • Expand to be more “social”
  • “BeMVP” Program Upgrade
  • Webinar Integration
  • Interactive LEARN Sessions
  • Calendar Integration
We will be identifying those "programs" separately over time. From the Communities platform perspective, we are concentrating on new and better functionality. Every few days following this, we will be providing information on various enhancements that are coming in the next release of the platform... mainly as a head's up to identify some of the changes (and how they will benefit members).
Our current ETA on these things being in place is about a month, and then we are looking to upgrade the platform every six months.
There are many good things coming, so stay tuned...
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