Communities Upgrade: Additional Email Notifications

If you are getting a good number of notifications through email relating to activity in Communities forums (e.g. forum threads started, forum reply posts, etc.) that you had not been receiving before, this could be due to some services that existed previously but only "became alive" during the upgrade of the site. There is an email notification setting for each Communities forum that can be enabled or disabled. You can check to see what this is set to in a forum by clicking the "View Online" link in an email message from a forum post:

Then select the "Forum" link towards the top of the page (note that this label may be different -- like Ask an Expert, for example -- in different Communities):

This will either take you to the Forum home page, or to a sub page where you can select your Forum home page.

 Once on your Forum home page look to the right hand side for the notification option.

 If you are currently receiving forum notifications, the button should read "Turn Forum notifications off". Clicking this will turn notifications off, and change the button text to "Turn Forum notifications on." This method is a per-forum setting so the process should be repeated for any forums that don't wish to recieve notifications.

Alternatively, you can control notifications at a very precise level by altering your account settings.

Email Digests let you control digests from groups you are a member of:

Subscriptions allows another method to turn off notifications:

 Notifications allow you to choose which information is containd in your subscriptions:

 However, your best bet is to check the forums that you are getting email from and see if you are subscribed.