Communities upgrade: Responsive design

Another great new capability included with the Communities platform upgrade is responsive design. With this scheme, site elements appear almost identically on different formats and screens -- whether from a desktop browser or from a mobile browser. With responsive design, page layouts adjust according to layout priority and device width, images and media adjust to full screen size, tables and pre-formatted content are scrolled, and pop-up menus become option sheets. This can be seen as:

on a desktop presentation, which compresses to

on a mobile device. The benefits of of this include:

  • Accessibility. All user desktop functionality is exposed from mobile devices.
  • Portability. All user features available are available on a desktop or mobile device, making the experience feel seamless between devices.
  • Usability. User interface elements and functionality respond to device form factor by providing appropriately sized elements and providing functionality in intelligent ways.
  • Customizability. Customizations are defined once and apply to all devices.