• Staying on topic

    In addition to what is mentioned in Properly Naming, Tagging, and Writing Your Posts, it is ALWAYS good form to stay on topic when posting something. This helps in a number of ways, but primarily:

    1. It is much easier to find relevant topics/thread subjects when searching for answers to questions you may have.
    2. It is much easier to get answers, suggestions, and recommendations in a single focused discussion than trying…
  • Demystifying Member Points and Posts

    Last revised: October 22, 2015

    Communities has a Member Points System (MPS) that controls how member points are earned, which contributes to overall site ranking and rank badges. We currently display this information on each member's About Me page. An explanation of what posts and points are follows.

    The Member Points System (MPS) is a simple rating system that gives members configurable badges for community participation…

  • creating new tool box



    iam new to microstation & learning to create new tool but i was unable to do it   refer this sketch which displays problem

  • A funny thing happened on the way to the blog

    One of the applications mentioned in Okay, now what? is a blog. But just what is a blog? A blog (or Web log) is a simple but powerful publishing tool which enables you to easily share thoughts and opinions by providing commentary or news on a particular subject that no one else but you can change. Blogs tend to be temporal in nature -- similar to articles in a newspaper. A typical blog combines text, images, and sometimes…

  • Okay, now what?

    To those who are new to Bentley or to Bentley Communities, "Okay, now what?" is sometimes the first question asked. Granted, Communities can be an imposing site (pun intended...), but it is pretty easy to get information you are looking for or answers to questions you have. The most important things to do are:

    1. know what you are looking for
    2. sign in to Communities (you may first have to join the site if you are…
  • How do I find stuff?

    Since Bentley Communities came online, there have been various inquiries about how to find information. Some of those inquiries have included the comment:


    or words to that effect :).

    My advice to those asking has usually been something like this:

    1. Chill... take a deep breath.
    2. Use the site's Search function -- it works... it really works.

    I have observed over time that searching…