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Be Communities and Bentley web properties single sign-on

We are happy to say that this often requested subject is going to happen -- the current target date is November 8, 2012. After single sign-on is put in place, Be Communities members will go through a one-time account consolidation process, where you will be prompted for your Be Communities sign-in name and then your Bentley Web username to "match" them. You will need to select a new 6-8 character password, making it so you will use one sign-in to get to any Bentley Web property (e.g., SELECTservices Online, Bentley LEARN Server, AND Be Communities). We will not change your member account information, so your "screen name" on Be Communities will continue to be what it is now.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask so we can help make this process as simple as it is intended to be.


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