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Bentley Communities: The latest and greatest

We have successfully upgraded the Communities platform to the current release. What you should see now is a much better user experience in getting and exchanging information about Bentley products, programs, and services. Some of the things that address requests made by members to improve the user experience include:

Other things brought up by members have been implemented -- see the Communities Site Improvements ideas area for an extensive list of those (identified with the status of "Complete")

And there are more things coming -- some of which will be communicated shortly.

We have also been working on some videos that showcase some of the functionality that Bentley Communities provides. We are working towards making available as a Bentley LEARNing Path -- details regarding that will be pushed to the Communities when that happens.

We still have some things to work out, which we are in the process of addressing right now. Some of these things include:

  • [Under Investigation] Notification of post by member is showing up notification queue
  • [Under Investigation] Activity story stream for forum replies should take you to that reply in the thread
  • [Under Investigation] Notifications for forum replies should take you to that reply in the thread
  • [In Progress] Ideas cannot be added to the community navigation menu
  • [In Progress] Jumps to targets within a wiki article are not rendering properly
  • [In Progress] Some "More" buttons in Chrome are not working consistently (right-click does work sometimes)
  • [In Progress] Right- (and middle-?) button selection intermittently selects a links instead of waiting to select from
  • [In Progress] Link button stopped working in advanced editor in some certain conditions (mostly using Internet Explorer)
  • [In Progress] Some files, images, and videos are not displaying
  • [In Progress] "Content pages" appear to be missing
  • [Fixed] Forum - Thread List should include taking you to the last post in the thread
  • [Fixed] German UI language pack is missing some resources
  • [Fixed] Search is not finding some content (appears to be localized)
  • [Fixed] Information intended for browser tab "NAME" is sometimes rendering within the page content.
  • [Fixed] Ideas and Idea Lists are not rendering properly
  • [Fixed] "Tour Tips" sometimes do not render in Internet Explorer
  • [Fixed] Calendars are not rendering properly

Should you encounter something not identified above that does not look right, or if there is something that simply is not working for you, by all means, please let us know by posting something in this forum and we will look into it. In the meantime, we welcome your comments and feedback about what has been done.