Blank Forum Web Pages

I cannot see any data on the forum page, I am unable to post a new topic.  I have tried in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. 

I have contacted tech support, and they have no idea how to help because they can access the forum web pages without any problem.

I can't even attach a screen shot of the web page, so that you can see what I am seeing, because that function doesn't seem to be working correctly either.

Are there settings that need to be active in certain browsers in order to load the forum content?

Are there companion programs that need to be updated, like Java or Flash, in order to load the forum content?

The user interface of these forums is ridiculous.

  • Greetings, Jaclyn. Sorry to hear that you are having a frustrating experience. It looks like your account is okay, so there is likely some other issue that is causing what you are seeing. Please feel free to PM me with details on what you are trying to do, how you are signing in, what credentials you are using, what browser versions you are using, etc. and I will be happy to help get this sorted out with you.