Logging in takes me to the Home page

I have a bookmark in Chrome that takes me straight to the "Modelling and Visualization" forum.It works fine until I log in which then diverts to the BC Home page. I don't want to go to the Home page which is the reason fro the  bookmark. This use to work OK but now doesn't!! 

Why have you changed this behavior?

  • All, The log in issue is currently being developed. Hoping to have it implemented by the end of August. Thank you for the feedback. I will be looking into all of them.



  • Brian Boyko said:
    The log in issue is currently being developed

    Thanks ... but do you mind if I call you Brian (I find 4F6C2784-9BBD-4BED-9534-E1C210273727 hard to pronounce)?

    When Be Communiteis was initially launched, the login process was sweet and simple.  It behaved like most sites that require a login.

    stuartw said:
    I have a bookmark i

    As the OP (another person who's adopted a GUID for a first name!) wrote, "I have a bookmark."  Well, I have several bookmarks.  The bookmarks each take me to the right page, but when I log-in the process sends me to an unwanted home page.

    This behaviour has changed over the years.  A little while after the Be Communities was started, the login process demanded an additional modal dialog to confirm the acceptance (maybe that was FireFox, but read on).  In February 2017 that requirement vanished, to my glee.  But with this weekend's update (08-Jul-17) the additional modal dialog has returned.

    I also note that my signature has vanished.

    Was this weekend's work really an enhancement?

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

  • Hello Jon,

    Could you provide a screenshot of the "additional modal dialog"? There should be no change to the sign-in process. 

    Also, I am not seeing the GUID showing when replying to Brian's post. Can you provide a screenshot of that as well?


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